Vision Quilt

The GAGV Vision Quilt project is done in partnership with Vision Quilt, a  five-year-old nonprofit based in Ashland, Oregon. The quilt is digital and features  high-quality photos of  panels created  by people of every age and from all over the country.  The founder was inspired by the world-wide reaction to the AIDS Memorial Quilt of the 1980’s, and she  hopes to replicate that response with a digital quilt – so well suited to today’s climate.

The concept is really  simple – you  create an 18 x 24-inch panel with any message you want – then send a photo to Vision Quilt  to add to the digital quilt.  (GAGV will provde the 18x 24-inch fabric)  The national quilt can be viewed at  Many of the local quilts are pictured below. Cathy DeForest,  founder of Vision Quilt, has created a video just for GAGV.  It is both inspiring and informative.

The creator keeps the panel to use in anyway: frame it, wear in any demonstrations, and/or  hopefully loan to GAGV for  inclusion in public displays whenever that  becomes possible.

The panels below have been created here in Kansas City.

For information or to obtain material for a panel, please contact us  at [email protected].