Take Action

There are many things we can do to make a difference in preventing gun violence and make our vision a reality. Join Us in providing our grandchildren a safe environment to grow and thrive in - free of the threat of gun violence.

Words Matter

The language of gun violence is pervasive in our culture. Phrases used casually such as dodging a bullet… shooting an email … taking aim and smoking guns can be replaced with others. Change your vernacular. 

Lock It For Love

Pro-actively advocating for gun safety, both in and out of the home is key to our mission to keep children safe.  Through our Lock It For Love program, we participate in community events all over the metro area –  demonstrating the proper use of gun locks, educating about the importance of gun safety in the home and distributing free gun locks to participants who have a need.  Our goal is to save one child from a preventable shooting or one distraught teen from taking his or her own life.


Volunteers make our organization and programs work. Studies have shown volunteering provides many benefits including reducing stress, stimulating the mind, offering a sense of purpose and giving back, building a spirit of camaraderie by working with like-minded people toward common goals and a hopeful feeling that progress is being made. Let us know what volunteer role you would like to fill.  


Donating is a tangible way to demonstrate your commitment to the cause of Gun Violence Prevention. Your dollars help support our programs and are also an excellent way to honor a friend or family member who shares your commitment. Make A Donation.


By being a dues paying member, you show your support for the work of Grandparents Against Gun Violence.  Our  members are our most engaged volunteers: working with us to Educate. Advocate. Participate. We invite you to join us

Newsletter Sign Up

A monthly newsletter is sent once a month to our entire data base with  information about upcoming meetings and events. It also includes articles of interest  and valuable information about current gun legislation in  both MO &  KS and on the Federal level as well. Subscribe to our newsletter. 

What You Can Do

Each of us has the power to make a help prevent gun violence. Here are five simple, but powerful actions that will help us succeed.